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About Us

A major manufacturer, importer and exporter of high quality jewellery, Vishnu Jewellery offers a rich collection of diamonds and precious gems with specialisation in Vaddanam (Oddiyanam), Vankey (Onkey), Dandpatti and Chains etc. Since inception, year on year, Vishnu Jewellery has grown at a brisk pace to become an established Jewellery brand with a fascinating array of jewellery collection ranging from diamonds to precious gemstones like deep red rubies, green emeralds, cool blue sapphires, and more.

A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with latest advanced machinery, skilled craftsmen synergise contemporary creativity with cutting-edge craftsmanship and technical sophistication to produce classically elegant jewellery that stand out from the crowd. Each jewellery is a work of sublime art with a distinctive appeal and classic style with a contemporary take constantly reflecting and reinterpreting the latest trends in jewellery fashion.

Today, Vishnu Jewellery collection has come to be synonymous with fascinating beauty, quality craftsmanship, exclusive designs and above all, exceptional quality. True to the classical Indian tradition yet contemporary in design, Vishnu jewellery captures the beauty of any occasion, from a festival to a wedding celebration.

Looking ahead, we reaffirm our best commitment and dedication to manufacturing quality jewellery of refined craftsmanship and exquisite style, supplemented by superior customer service.